The 5 Most Popular German Foods

The 5 Most Popular German Foods

Whether you’ve grown up eating the foods of Germany or wish to acquire a taste for them, German Products Ireland stocks some of the country’s most popular dishes and delicacies. If you want to cook up a comforting family meal or host an elaborate feast, you will find everything you need at GPI. 

The food of Germany consists of many different regional and local traditions, carrying influences from neighbouring countries such as Poland. With that in mind, we’ve listed five of the most popular German foods in our online store, ready for you to sample. 

All of these products can be purchased at GPI and if you are looking for something in particular but cannot find it, just let us know and we will see what we can do! 


Red Cabbage 

Also known as Rotkohl, German red cabbage is one of the most popular and well-known dishes in the country. Red cabbage pairs perfectly with a roast dinner and is guaranteed to bring any meal to life. Also, with Autumn upon us, it’s a welcome and warming flavour.


Liver Sausage 

To be eaten simply with bread and butter, there really is nothing better than liver sausage. We’re bringing the best of Germany straight to your home, all you have to do is enjoy. Fancy something a bit more complex? A creamy pasta dish or crisp salad is also a great way to enjoy this German staple. 


Raspberry Fruit Jelly 

A classic German dessert, our raspberry fruit jelly is refreshing, sweet, and a great crowd pleaser. This delicious jelly doesn’t only make a great meal better but it’s a perfect midnight snack should you feel so inclined. 


Grafschafter Goldsaft 

Breakfast never tasted so good! A necessity on every German breakfast table, our sweet and savoury sugar beet spread will elevate anything from bread to pancakes, making even the fussiest eaters crave their first meal of the day. 


Katjes Katzenpfötchen 

Not available in Ireland unless you order them from us, you either love or hate these liquorice treats. Even better, Katjes Katzenpfötchen are vegan meaning you can share them with all your friends and family as a party snack, provided they like this tangy liquorice flavour! 

In addition to these popular products, we have a huge range of must-haves when it comes to stocking up on your German favourites such as sauerkraut, strawberry quark, German dumplings, and so much more. 

In order to provide the best possible service, GPI offers speedy shipping services and unbeatable seasonal offers. With authentic, quality products we promise that your German feast will be an all-time favourite. 

We also cater to bulk orders for corporate teams and large gatherings, offering a trade price discount for those with qualifying orders. To find out more you can contact us and we will create a bespoke order and quote at your request. This is especially useful during German festivities such as Oktoberfest, Christmas, Sylvester (New Year), and Easter. 

To browse our full inventory just head to our website and create your very own basket of German delights!