About us / The team

How did it all start?

The short answer to that is:

"With a German in the Republic of Ireland who was longing for German food!"

The longer version looks like this:

After years of enjoying the luxury of a German butcher in Cork, the latter withdrew and what remained was simply nothing. Everyone there longed for German products and meat products, but nobody took up the challenge of bringing them into the country.

Up to the point when someone started to think about how they could manage to implement this idea. Since December 2018, the desire to implement this idea has grown and the possibility of turning words into deeds has become more and more likely. 

But there was a problem. How should he get the products, how should he transport them to Ireland and make a profit with them?

In autumn / winter 2020 the first delivery of German products to Ireland. A Christmas that many people will not forget - no travel was allowed at the time!

After careful considerations and the experience of the first delivery, from which he could learn a lot, he changed his approach and put together a new team!

He is now ready to reopen the store and is looking forward to many new products and enthusiastic customers :-)


The team:

Purchasing / Logistics:  (purchase@gpistore.ie)
Marketing: (logistics@gpistore.ie)
Packaging and shipping: (fulfillment@gpistore.ie)
Managing Director: (info@gpistore.ie)