Frequently asked questions



I am looking to insert ANY PRODUCT, but cannot find it on the website. Can you order it?

Please send us an email to productideas@gpistore.ie and we'll see what we can do. We do not currently offer fresh products, but we are committed to adding them soon.


I'm thirsty! Do you also sell drinks?

We are currently working on creating the legal requirements for the distribution of (alcoholic) beverages, but this means some effort and costs money accordingly. But this is being planned. Just be patient a little longer.


What are the shipping costs?

9.50 EUR for up to 30 kg and 19 EUR up to 60 kg.

When do you ship?

As a rule, the packages are ready for dispatch 2-3 working days after receipt of order and payment (Monday to Friday) unless otherwise noted in the product description. DPD usually delivers 24 hours after dispatch.


I made a typo in the address or email address! And now?

Please write us an email immediately to orders@gpistore.ie and include URGENT in the subject.

B2B inquiries

We are a caterer / restaurant and would be interested in your products. Is this possible and what do we do?

We are also happy to work with companies and send B2B. Please write an email to orders@gpistore.ie and let us know what you want and how much you need.