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Meatballs in hunter sauce

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Our fine meatballs (made from pork) in hunter sauce (lightly seared) from Dreistern are spicy, meaty and aromatic and taste like mushrooms and onions (without any foreign taste). Delicious with, for example, fried potatoes and apple red cabbage. 



45% meatballs seared (71% pork [partly finely chopped], pork bacon, drinking water, breadcrumbs [Wheat flour, Table salt, yeast], onions, iodized table salt [table salt, potassium iodate], starch, glucose syrup, spices, sunflower oil), drinking water, Scene, 6% mushrooms, onions, tomato paste, modified starch, finely chopped raw ham (pork, table salt, dextrose, sugar, spice extracts, preservative: sodium nitrite; beech wood smoke), wine (contains Sulfite),Flour (wheat, Rice), sugar, brandy vinegar, iodized table salt (table salt, potassium iodate), spices (contains mustard), Maltodextrin, corn oil, wine vinegar, beef extract, thickener: guar gum; Caramel syrup, tomato powder, Celeriac powder, Onion extracts, vegetable extracts (contains Saddlery), Herbs.

Content: 400g