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Organic holiday muesli

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Our new muesli from Seitenbacher from our organic range inspires with its intense taste of exotic ingredients. The combination of roasted coconut chips, pineapple and banana pieces immediately gives you that holiday feeling when you enjoy this muesli. This mixture is completely wheat-free and without chocolate. Whole grain oat flakes and barley flakes provide the important dietary fiber. The ingredients used are of course in the usual, best organic quality.

Take your senses away with the unique taste for a little break!



Muesli mix with 27.5% exotic fruits

Was-oatsfull grain corn, organicGerstenflakes, organic roasted coconut, organic dried bananas, organic raisins, organic pineapple dried, organic sunflower seeds, organic dried dates, organicSoyflakes (Bio-Maisgrieß, Bio-Soy, Organic maple syrup, sea salt).

Content: 454g