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Seitenbacher's country bread is a dark mixed rye bread. Additives were deliberately avoided. 

the Bread mix for self-baking. The package contains all raw materials for 1-2 breads: 

  1. Detailed baking instructions 
  2. Can be used immediately Natural sourdough
  3. Natural flour mixture with sea salt
  4. Dry yeast

This is what distinguishes our country bread:

  1. high fiber content
  2. Proteinquelle
  3. without artificial flavors and colors



ryeflour T1370, wheatflour T812, sourdough (ryewhole grain meal, water, sourdough cultures), dry yeast, sea salt.

Contents: 935g = 765g flour mixture with sea salt + 2 x 75g sourdough, 2 x 10g baking yeast