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Muesli roasted with chocolate

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A roasted chocolate mixture that will get every chocolate lover in raptures. The whole wheat and oat flakes are carefully roasted. 28% whole milk chocolate flakes and whole spelled chocolate balls make the mixture into one Chocolate enjoyment.

  • high fiber content
  • on a whole grain basis
  • with chocolate
  • Muesli # 446



Fullymilkchocolate 28% (cane sugar, cocoa butter, wholemilkpowder, low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier: rapeseed lecithin), oatswhole grain flakes, wheatwhole grain flakes, honey, corn flakes (corn, barleymalt, sea salt), cocoa Spelt Whole Wheat Balls (Speltwhole grain, low-fat cocoa powder), Soy

Cocoa: 6.5% minimum.

Content: 400g