About us & The beginnings

  • Idea

  • Challenge

  • Solution

  • Success

How did it all start?

The short answer to that is:

"With a German in the Republic of Ireland who began to yearn for German cuisine!"

And the whole version:

After enjoying the luxury of a German butcher in Cork for years, the latter withdrew and left a large void. Many in the area longed for German food, but no one took up the challenge of bringing it into the country.

Until one of them began to seriously consider the idea and its implementation. Since 2018 the idea grew into a plan and the plan into action.

The first test run took place in autumn / winter 2020. The demand was overwhelming. At a time when travel was not allowed because of the pandemic, he was able to give many people a piece of home and supply them with German products.

After this test run and with some experience, he decided to venture into the company and put his team together. And so the journey began ...