About Us

My name is Christian Eisbrenner. I am the founder of GPI- German Products Ireland and here is my story:

In 2011 I was just recovering from an illness when a large company in the tech industry contacted me and offered me a job. I accepted and moved to Cork, Ireland.

So far I only knew Ireland from stories .. about the beautiful landscapes, the wonderful views of its coasts and its warm people. The more I saw of Ireland, the more I understood why it is also called the Emerald Isle. Ireland quickly became my second home.

But that was only half the way. After a hard time with great symptoms of anxiety and burnout, from which I found it difficult to recover, I was diagnosed with autism. However, since this happened very late in my life, I had to realign my life. I swapped my job in the noisy open-plan office for work in the quiet home office. I left the big city and found friendship and support in people with similar conditions.

After I finally found peace, I noticed that there was also a great demand for German food products in Ireland that could not be met. In the winter of 2020 I happened to see an advertisement from a bakery with homemade German bread. I ordered and after several discussions we entered into a cooperation. As a result, I opened my first test online store. It only took a few days before we were sold out.

Now that I was able to make sure of the actual demand, the plan arose for this To go further and start a business on a larger scale. German Products Ireland went online in March 2021 and a new capital began in my life at the age of 44. Since then, our product range and the GPI team have been growing continuously.

After my diagnosis back in 2016, I quickly realized that there are few job opportunities for people with autism / Asperger's on the market. I would like to counteract this and would also like to fill vacant positions in our company with people with disabilities. Understanding togetherness, flexible working hours and working from home create the ideal conditions for this.

My vision is that GPI will be the first address for German products in Ireland and create many jobs in a friendly, flexible and innovative environment. Perhaps my story will also inspire and encourage other people with autism to follow their dreams ...

The Team

  • Christian


  • Kirsten

    Handling & Sales

  • Joanna


  • Christopher


  • Linda

    Sales & organization

  • Melanie