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Müsli CARBS Erdbeere 19.0

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This muesli mix from Seitenbacher has 60% fewer carbohydrates than other mueslis.

More and more people are looking to reduce carbohydrates in their daily diet. With this mix we combine low-carb, puffed rice and soy with fruity strawberries.

  • only 19g of carbohydrates on 100g of muesli
  • 60% fewer carbohydrates than other cereals
  • high protein content
  • high fiber content
  • vegan



Soy, Almonds, Pumpkin seeds, oatsWhole grain flakes, corn, linseed, pea protein, millet leaves, chocolate (cane sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, emulsifier: rapeseed lecithin, cocoa butter), strawberries, rice flour, maple syrup, wheatprotein, chia, apple, sea salt.

Cocoa: 0.8% minimum.

Content: 500g