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Dr. Oetker Milchreis - klassisch-

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The classic that you can refine as you wish. Whether with cinnamon and sugar, Dr. Oetker fruit groats from the refrigerated section, fresh fruit or applesauce: Dr. Oetker Sweet Meal Rice pudding the classic way works and always tastes good!Dr. Oetker Sweet Meal Rice pudding the classic way is very easy to prepare: the dish known from childhood is ready in just 10 minutes. No burning and no boiling over of the milk! And you can conjure up an exotic variant of rice pudding by adding 100 g of whipped cream to the rice pudding and serving the rice pudding with e.g. pieces of apricots and raisins. Oetker sweet meal tastes as good as if you made it yourself!



59% instant rice, sugar, starch, modified starch, thickener (xanthan gum), flavoring (contains LACTOSE).