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Seitenbacher Trocken-Hefe 2 Btl.

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With the dry baking yeast from Seitenbacher every homemade bread and delicious cake is a success. It is a purely natural yeast. 

Please knead the dough vigorously for at least 10 minutes so that the yeast is activated. 

The yeast is suitable for the baking machine.  

  • all-natural yeast


Good to know:

Yeasts are fungal cultures that are used for baking. These mushrooms cause the dough to ferment, which leads to an increase in carbon dioxide in the dough. The gas loosens the dough, the bread becomes light and airy. 

With light flours, yeast is usually sufficient to achieve a good baking result. Sourdough should also be used for wholemeal flours or flours with high types.

Ingredients: yeast

Content: 2x12g