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Pfanni Kartoffelklösse mit rohen Kartoffeln, 6 Stk. im Kochbeutel

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Experience how much power there is in a potato! A total of 10 raw, blanched and boiled potatoes are roughly grated and finely seasoned for 6 of these delicious powerhouses. The result: 6 times the hearty, strong dumpling taste. You can be a little bolder with the side dishes, e.g. with roast pork, game or goose.



81% potatoes³, starch, table salt, palm oil, emulsifier mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, Milk sugar, Stabilizer diphosphate, flavorings, yeast extract, antioxidant Sodium metabisulfite, Turmeric.

³from sustainable cultivation

May have traces of Contains gluten, egg and celery.

Content: 200g