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Küchenmeister Bauernbrot - Backmischung

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The solution if you don't want to do without the freshly baked farmer's bread with the crust. Also united for the bread maker. 


Wheat Flour (70%), Rye Flour (20%), dried leaven (rye flour, naturally fermented), iodized salt, dry yeast, barley malt flour, glucose, malt extract (barley, rye) Acidity regulator: sodium acetate, acidifier: malic acid, flour treatment agents: calcium phosphate and ascorbic acid. 

Manufactured in a facility that also processes sesame, Military, Lupine, milk and soy are processed.  



Calorific value: (100g contain average)

Calorific value 1399kj/330kcal

Fat      1.3g

carbohydrates 65g

Of which sugar 2.0g

protein 12g

Salt 2.0g