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Bunter Party Kuchen - Glutenfrei -

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Your little one’s birthday party is coming up but you have no idea what to bake. Some of the kids who are invited even suffer from gluten intolerance.

If gluten-free baking is a challenge for you, we’ve got the perfect solution!

Our rainbow party cake is a light, fluffy, moist tray bake made using rice flour. It takes just a few steps to make, making it ideal for novice bakers. With its light green glaze and colourful flower sprinkles, the cake is a highlight of any birthday spread.

Baking mixture: rice flour, sugar, potato starch, baking powder (acid diphosphates, raising agent sodium carbonates, starch), thickener xanthan gum, flavouring.
Icing mixture green (24,5 %): sugar, modified starch, egg white powder, acid citric acid, colours (carotenes, patent Blue V), natural flavouring.
Sugar marguerites (1,8 %): sugar, palm fat, potato starch, maize starch, rice flour, natural flavouring, colours (anthocyanins, carmines, curcumin).