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RUF Streuselteig

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Crumble dough is really easy to make, as it consists of just three ingredients: flour, butter and sugar. Despite this, have you ever wondered what the best crumble recipe is?

With cold, soft or melted butter? Three parts flour, two parts butter and one part sugar (3:2:1), like shortcrust? Does soft butter mean soft crumbs?

The list is practically endless, as when you look in different recipe books or ask keen bakers, the answer is almost always different. With our basic crumble dough, you can make lovely, crunchy, golden-brown crumble. Whether it’s a fruit cake with apples, cherries, plums, mandarins or a crumble cake with a delicious buttercream – our crumble dough is the perfect basis for your bakes. You can let your creativity run wild, as this dough is ideal for every combination. The dough is irresistibly tasty and snackable. Make sure you still have enough left to bake!

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, baking powder (acid diphosphates, raising agent sodium carbonates, starch), salt, natural flavouring.