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Mountaineers cereal

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The muesli for climbers. The mixture of many delicious, healthy fruits and regional spelled makes this muesli a real breakfast power package. The focus during the development was on the idea of developing a muesli based on spelled. The Odenwald is a growing area for spelled, which means that we can rely on local farmers. The high nut content from whole nuts gives the mixture that certain bite.

  • source of protein
  • high fiber content
  • based on spelled 
  • very low in sodium



full grain-speltflakes *, raisins, dried apple pieces, peanut kernels, sunflower seeds, whole grainSpelt-Balls *, almonds, hazelnuts, Speltflakes * (Speltfull grain*, barleymalt, sea salt), pumpkin seeds, linseed, wheatgerms, sesame.

Contains a total of 46% spelled.

* spelled = original wheat

Content: 750g