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Seitenbacher Superfood Müsli

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This is the motto of our brand new superfood muesli. Because it's a delicious oatmeal mix with vitamin-rich goji berries, crunchy pecan nuts, chia seeds and many other valuable ingredients.

Superfoods are foods that contain an exceptional amount of vitamins and minerals. So why not create a muesli with particularly delicious superfoods? We did! We have packed these power fruits into our muesli for you. 

  • Rich in valuable vitamins
  • High fiber content
  • Source of protein
  • Vegan



38% whole grain oats flakes, 16% superfood (goji berries, pecans, chia , acerola), pumpkin seeds, corn flour, peanut kernels, dates, almonds, sunflower seeds, psyllium husks, Soy flour, maple syrup, oats bran, linseed, beetroot, sea salt.

Content: 454g